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Yoga time is 'me time', a pause from busy life, a space in which to rebalance. Regular yoga practice gives the grounding and peace of mind I need to function and acts as maintenance for body and mind.


We look after our homes, cars and family, but what about the body and mind?

2020 bought us together online in a way many of us never anticipated. I never expected to be a part of this and beyond that to enjoy it so much. The benefits of live on-line yoga have exceeded way beyond what I could have imagined. I love connecting with students from far and wide in the knowledge that they are making time for themselves, mostly on a daily basis, to slow down, connect and look after their body and mind. 


When younger I appreciated yoga for the challenges, fitness and focus. Now I find stability, wellbeing and peace of mind are what I need from my practice.

About Lizzy

Since first teaching yoga in 1999, influenced by my dance career, many dedicated students and great teachers, my style has grown into a graceful practice to release, stablise and balance body and mind through awareness offering challenges within a steady and mindful practice.

My passions are yoga, walking and dancing and capturing nature on camera, all nourish body and soul.


I strive to live in the moment; accept, adapt and be grateful for what life offers. I love sharing time to just be, through yoga, and walking with my family and dog  absorbing the joy and vitality of nature that surrounds us.

I lead classes in beautiful locations around the world and now from my home to the comfort of your home.

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