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Online classes run all year and Face to face classes run in term times only, please contact me for exact dates.

My yoga classes are accessible to beginners and those with more experience. I aim to teach so that you don't need to look at a screen but am always there demonstrating if needed. 

I teach Hatha yoga, my style has developed over many years with Sivananda yoga as my teaching foundation, however, this is now hardly recognisable. My classes flow gently, there may be challenges but their focus is on stabilising and releasing, body/mind maintenance, mindful movement.

Throughout any week of classes we follow a similar class Monday - Friday (with the exception of Tuesdays or Saturdays). Following the same class allows us to move into a deeper practice, the familiarity helps to relax the mind, the repetition stabilises and strengthens different areas of the body (and mind) and we are able to release and drop deeper into relaxation. Every live class ends with relaxation. Each new week the class has a fresh focus. 

My Yoga Video Library has a good range of classes from 5-45 minutes long, meditations, pranayama (breathing), asana (postures) and complete practices focussing on hips, shoulders and more.

If attending an in person class you are welcome to sign up for online classes at a reduced rate, please contact me. 

Live Online Yoga Recordings 

All Live Online Yoga classes are recorded. Only the main speaker is recorded, so that is me as long as everyone else is muted.

I offer recordings of live online classes. These are made available for a limited time as below:

  • Monday Evening Yoga - until midnight on Tuesday

  • Tuesday Gentle Stretch, Release and Meditate  - until midnight on Tuesday

  • Wednesday Early Bird Yoga - until midnight on Wednesday

  • Thursday Evening Yoga - until midnight on Friday

  • Friday Early Bird Yoga - until midnight on Saturday

  • Saturday Gentle Stretch, Release and Yoga Nidra - until midnight on Sunday

Recordings of Live Online Yoga
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