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Zoom is very simple to use.

You will receive a link for class in an email.

You simply click on this link and follow the instructions or you may prefer to download the App which could make the process faster. 

Give yourself time to get into the class the first time and familiarise yourself with the setup as sometimes it can take a while to set up. You can access the meeting before it begins.

Please make sure the name you are using on your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet matches the name you have given when you booked your class. If it is not possible to recognise you then you will be blocked from the class. 

Once at the class ensure that you are aware of whether or not your camera and audio are on. You can choose to be seen or not. If your audio is on and there is sound from your space then you will most likely be the main picture on anyone else's screen. 

If you choose to be seen then ideally you would set up your camera at a distance so that your mat is viewed with the long edge of your mat facing the screen. I aim to teach so that yo do not need to constantly look at the screen. 


In the top right hand corner of the screen is an icon with the option for 'speaker view' or 'gallery view'. To see the teacher/speaker as a the main picture choose 'speaker view'. All students are muted throughout the class, please make sure you are muted if you arrive late as this can disrupt the class. If you arrive muted then you will not disturb anyone.

Whilst arriving late is not recommended, and if you do so please remember you may have missed some warming up exercises so go easy, it is also not a problem to arrive late - better late than never. 

As classes are recorded please remain muted until I have switched the recording off.

If you have a larger screen available to connect up to, such as a TV then you may choose to use an HDMI lead to connect from your smaller device to larger screen to give you a larger picture. These are easily available on line for less than £10.

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