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  • Recordings of live classes - when are these available?

    • Monday and Thursday evening class recordings are available until midnight of Tuesday and Friday respectively ​

    • Tuesday and Wednesday morning class recordings are available until midnight of Tuesday and Wednesday respectively

    • Friday and Saturday morning class recordings are available until midnight of Saturday and Sunday respectively

  • Can others in my household join in classes/recordings?​

    • Yes as long as you are practicing at home and sharing a screen you can share access to the classes​

  • I missed my live class - If I miss my booked live class can I attend another live class instead?

    • If you prearrange by contacting Lizzy first you can attend a different class as an exception not every week.​ If you miss a live class you will have the recording to use.

  • Video Library

  • How do I access the video library? - From any page sign in to your account in the Members area (top of page, above YOGA WITH LIZZY page header, on the right in small writing it reads Log in or Welcome.) Click the little arrow for the dropdown menu. Go to bookings page, in menu on left of this page select Video Gallery. You will be asked for the password when you go to play a video - this will have been emailed to you.

  • - can I access the Video Library only


  • I signed up to the wrong Video Library and now can't access it, can I have a refund?

    • Unfortunately there are no refunds but you can either sign up to Intuitive or Enlightened a membership, or contact Lizzy​ and she will help with a solution.

  • Do you offer Yoga Nidra in the Video Library?

    • No, this is available as a live/recorded  or download class only​

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